I have been collecting material relating to Prestel and Viewdata systems generally ever since it launched.  Here is where you can view it!  (Or, those bits that I have scanned so far!)

You can browse the entire collection below, or click the sub sections from the menu to start with a bit more focus!

TerminalsPhilips Viewdata Terminals2020-02-20 23:56:38
BooksThe Architecture of Videotex SystemsThe Architecture of Videotex Systems Jan Gexsei Prentice Hall2019-03-12 17:15:37
BooksPrestel 1980Prestel 1980 Editor: Dr Alex Reid Post Office Telecommunications2019-03-12 17:13:58
BooksVideotex: Key to the wired cityVideotex: Key to the wired city Michael Aldrich2019-03-12 17:12:24
BooksPrivate Viewdata in the UKPrivate Viewdata in the UK Penelope A. Yates-Mercer Gower 19852019-03-12 17:07:42
BooksThe Videotex RevolutionThe Videotex Revolution Alan J. Mayne October Press First published 19822019-03-12 17:06:29
BooksViewdata in ActionViewdata in Action Rex Winsbury McGraw-Hill Book Compny (UK) Limited 1981 (2 copies held, only …2019-03-12 17:04:55
BooksThe Viewdata RevolutionThe Viewdata Revolution Sam Fedida, Rex Malik Associated Business Press Second Reprint November 19802019-03-12 17:03:26
BooksThe Electronic Bookstall: Push-button publishing on videotexThe Electronic Bookstall: Push-button publishing on videotex –  a critical study of Prestel in Britain: …2019-03-12 17:01:46
BooksTeletext and ViewdataTeletext and Viewdata Steve A. Money A Newnes Techincal Book Reprint 19812019-03-12 16:59:31
BooksTeletext and Videotex in the United StatesTeletext and Videotex in the United States J. Tydeman, H. Lipinski, R. Adler, M. Nyham, …2019-03-12 16:57:57
BooksViewdata and the Information SocietyViewdata and the Information Society James Martin Prentice-Hall Inc2019-03-12 16:55:57
BooksInformation technology: agent of changeInformation technology: agent of change Murray Laver Cambridge University Press2019-03-12 16:54:46
BooksManaging Viewdata SystemsManaging Viewdata Systems R J Firth NCC Publications First Published 1983. Rebound, Uiversity of Delaware2019-03-12 16:52:52
Scholarly PapersVideotex: Anatomy of a FailureBy A. Michael Noll.2019-03-06 00:17:16
Displays, Jan 1982, News.Displays, Jan 1982, News.2019-03-04 23:41:58
Scholarly PapersAn investigation into local authority information centres or one stop shopsA Doctoral Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Doctor …2019-03-04 23:08:17
Dearne Valley Information, Donfacts, Proposals, RotherviewSouth Yorkshire Network – Proposal2019-02-08 14:36:39
Dearne Valley Information, Leaflets, technicalDearne Valley Information – Tech SpecServer specifications2019-02-08 14:34:19
Dearne Valley Information, NewslettersDearne Valley Information – Newsletter Winter 19942019-02-08 14:31:23
Dearne Valley Information, LeafletsDearne Valley Information – flierDear2019-02-08 14:30:38
Dearne Valley Information, LeafletsDearne Valley Information – Fact Sheet2019-02-08 14:29:43
Dearne Valley Information, LeafletsDearne Valley Information Poster2019-02-08 14:28:33
IBM PC, Leaflets, Modems, Printers, Tandata, TerminalsTandata Retail Price ListPricing ..!2018-08-20 00:10:15
Leaflets, Printers, TandataPrinters from Tandata2018-08-20 00:08:29
IBM PC, Leaflets, TandataMulticom Fact SheetInformation about Multicom terminal emulation software.2018-08-20 00:06:26
Leaflets, Silicon VillageLooking for somewhere new to go tonight?2018-08-20 00:00:38
Leaflets, Silicon VillageSilicon Village – Join NOW and save £5 !2018-08-19 23:59:23
Brochures, Micronet 800Shades – The Ultimate Adventure Multi User GameShades was a MUD (Multi user dungeon) offered on Micronet since about 1985. The technology …2018-08-19 23:56:53
Prestel Travel, TariffsPrestel Travel Tariff Guide. November 1985Prices …2018-08-16 20:26:55
Newsletters, Prestel TravelPrestel Travel News, November 1986The first Prestel Travel newsletter!2018-08-16 20:24:06
Leaflets, Prestel TravelPrestel Travel cover letter c.1990Cover letter with information pack.2018-08-16 20:22:34
Brochures, Prestel TravelPrestel for the Travel Trade c1990Promotional but with a lot of technical details.2018-08-16 19:40:03
Leaflets, Prestel TravelOnline Reservations on BTTS2018-08-16 19:37:42
Leaflets, Prestel, TariffsPrestel Tariff, June 1990Quick list of principle charges.2018-08-16 01:53:38
Newsletters, PrestelPrestel Offline, October 1986Quarterly newsletter2018-08-16 01:52:32
Newsletters, PrestelPrestel Offline, July 1987Quarterly newsletter2018-08-16 01:51:34
Newsletters, PrestelPrestel Offline, July 1986Quarterly newsletter.2018-08-16 01:50:09
Newsletters, PrestelPrestel Offline, January 1987Quarterly newsletter..2018-08-16 01:48:42
Micronet 800, Newsletters, PrestelPrestel Offline, April 1986A quarterly newsletter, this one with an extra bit from Micronet 800.2018-08-16 01:47:40
ClubSpot 810, Leaflets, Micronet 800, Prestel, Viewfax 258Prestel Microcomputing launch letter 1984Bringing together the various home computer-related services under one umbrella..2018-08-16 01:45:23
Prestel, Quick ReferencePrestel Mailbox User Guide, 1983Quick reference guide for the “New” mailbox service.2018-08-16 01:35:31
Brochures, Leaflets, PrestelBecoming an Information Provider Pack, 1983-1986   Lots of information for those whom wish to publish on Prestel, and have deep …2018-08-16 01:27:06
Leaflets, PrestelPrestel Information, 1984This nice set of leaflets are from September 1984.2018-08-16 01:24:40
Brochures, Micronet 80012 ways to profit from Micronet 800This was a pre-launch leaflet.2018-08-16 01:22:25
Leaflets, Micronet 800, Sinclair ZX81Micronet 800 ZX81 options letter,Letter to ZX81 users, offering modem packs.2018-08-16 01:20:32
Leaflets, Micronet 800, ZX SpectrumMicronet 800 Spectrum letter 1983GREAT NEWS! YOU AND YOUR SINCLAIR SPECTRUM CAN NOW CONNECT TO OUR POPULAR MICRONET 800 …2018-08-16 01:10:24
Brochures, Micronet 800, ZX SpectrumMicronet 800. Spectacular add-onThe most spectacular add-on under the Spectrum!2018-08-16 01:08:32
Leaflets, Micronet 800Micronet 800. Submit your software“Have you considered writing software for inclusion in the library of our exciting electronic magazine?”  …2018-08-16 01:07:27
Correspondence, Micronet 800RIP MicronetThe closedown letter..2018-08-15 23:32:23
Brochures, Correspondence, Micronet 800Micronet 800, pre-launch cover letter and BrochureMicronet pre-launch cover letter and Brochure2018-08-15 23:29:38
LeafletsMicronet 800. Jack socketDo you need a Jack Socket? (To plug in your modem – many people still …2018-08-15 23:28:19
LeafletsMicronet 800 discount voucherSpecial money off your connection to Micronet!2018-08-15 23:27:04
BBC Micro, Leaflets, Micronet 800Micronet 800. BBC Micro Modem LetterPrices of modem packs available for the BBC Micro.2018-08-15 23:25:02
Brochures, Micronet 800Micronet 800, c.1984 2018-08-15 22:35:17
ClubSpot 810, Sub-IP RulesClubSpot 810 Sub-IP Editor’s RulebookProcedures and style guide for the volunteer editors of the ClubSpot 810 area of Prestel.2018-08-15 10:33:05
guidanceClubSpot 810 Prestel Sub-IP Editors’ HandbookThis is basically a “How to edit pages on Prestel” document, aimed at volunteer editors …2018-08-15 10:32:03
Brochures, Micronet 800Micronet 800, 1983.The epitome of Micronet’s advertising.2017-02-13 11:52:30
Brochures, PrestelPrestel 1982Written in the present tense this time, and much more example content, and photos of …2017-02-11 19:57:11
Leaflets, PrestelTelex Link Information SheetPrices and How-To-Use for the telex capabilities of the Prestel service. August 19862016-05-22 22:22:52
Brochures, PrestelPrestel 1979This is a pre-launch brochure, evidenced by it’s continual references to what the service will …2016-05-22 20:37:14