Over time, the various companies produced lots of marketing information promoting their services.  This is where you will find that..

Brochures, Micronet 800Shades – The Ultimate Adventure Multi User GameShades was a MUD (Multi user dungeon) offered on Micronet since about 1985. The technology …2018-08-19 23:56:53
Brochures, Prestel TravelPrestel for the Travel Trade c1990Promotional but with a lot of technical details.2018-08-16 19:40:03
Brochures, Leaflets, PrestelBecoming an Information Provider Pack, 1983-1986   Lots of information for those whom wish to publish on Prestel, and have deep …2018-08-16 01:27:06
Brochures, Micronet 80012 ways to profit from Micronet 800This was a pre-launch leaflet.2018-08-16 01:22:25
Brochures, Micronet 800, ZX SpectrumMicronet 800. Spectacular add-onThe most spectacular add-on under the Spectrum!2018-08-16 01:08:32
Brochures, Correspondence, Micronet 800Micronet 800, pre-launch cover letter and BrochureMicronet pre-launch cover letter and Brochure2018-08-15 23:29:38
Brochures, Micronet 800Micronet 800, c.1984 2018-08-15 22:35:17
Brochures, Micronet 800Micronet 800, 1983.The epitome of Micronet’s advertising.2017-02-13 11:52:30
Brochures, PrestelPrestel 1982Written in the present tense this time, and much more example content, and photos of …2017-02-11 19:57:11
Brochures, PrestelPrestel 1979This is a pre-launch brochure, evidenced by it’s continual references to what the service will …2016-05-22 20:37:14